EfS 162 PhotoBlog - Summer 2004

This is Buthaina's photoblog for her EfScience 162 Summer 2004 class.


Me & My Nano!!!

me_and_my_nano, originally uploaded by Buthaina al-Othman.

This is my iPod nano; cute, isn't it? :)



webheads_logo, originally uploaded by Buthaina al-Othman.

Logo of Webheads in Action Community online!



This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

What is this? Posted by Hello

Celebrating our success and achievement; thanks to Z & Z for the tart..We had such a great FUN. Posted by Hello

Zaina & Zainab, brought us a huge tart with the name of the topic of their final project: DNA..! Posted by Hello

Group 4: Zaina E. & Zainab I. at the c-lab getting ready to show slides of their presentations.. Posted by Hello

Group 1: (Left to right) Hiba, Amna, Hala, getting ready to present their final project.. Posted by Hello

At the Science Library of Kuwait University, summer 2004 Posted by Hello

TESOL 2005

I'm posting this photo directly from flickr, using the available feature of photo blogging. It seems simple and easy but let's see if this works; stay tuned..
TESOL 2005
Originally uploaded by
Buthaina al-Othman.